Based on the principles of visionary environmental advocate, Arthur R. Marshall, Jr. (1919-1985), the Arthur R. Marshall Foundation was created to develop, promote, and deliver science-based education and public outreach programs central to restoration of the greater Everglades ecosystem and its historic "River of Grass."

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The Everglades is a natural refuge in southern Florida, which is very densely populated and developed.  So it's not surprising that the Everglades is home to a number of rare animals and plant life that cling to this protected habitat. There have also been many invasive species introduced to Florida, which have flourished at the expense of native animals.

These forces have reduced once-thriving populations of animals to small numbers. The Everglades now holds a fragment of the diversity that used to exist in the region, but it also provides hope that sustainable wild populations will exist in the future.



Arthur Raymond Marshall, Jr was a scientist and Everglades conservationist who spent his career spearheading efforts to preserve Florida’s wetlands. He wrote “The Marshall Plan”: a blueprint for Everglades restoration and was named “Conservationist of the Decade” by the Florida Wildlife Federation.

In 1998, John Marshall, (1940 -2016) Arthur’s nephew, created an environmental legacy by forming the Arthur R. Marshall Foundation for the Everglades. Its primary purpose was to develop, promote and deliver science-based education and outreach programs – central to the restoration of the greater Everglades ecosystem.

The Foundation has been delivering educational curricula in class rooms and on-site in the Everglades for 16 years. The focus has always been to provide a holistic approach to learning that promotes healthy bodies and minds, that delivers an interactive experience and fosters a personal connection to nature.

The consensus was to concentrate on programs that allow us to act as an ambassador and personal guide to the Everglades, bringing an exclusive opportunity for people to be up-close and personal with America's Everglades.

Today, as we move forward with the Everglades Foundation, we will concentrate on select programs that continue to support the ideals inspired by Arthur Marshall and John Marshall.


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